elektrosmog (elektrosmog) wrote in alchemy_gothic,

scarabs or beetles?

I remember there was a scarab or beetle ring AG made. Does anyone have or know where I can find one? :D
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Yes this is it -
I have it on my wants list as well. I used to have it and somewhere along the line it was lost or stolen (never could work out what happened to it). Its been discontinued for a long time.
What size are you after, I can look out for you on eBay, I often check for dicontinued items.
ooh! I remember a blue one too. I am after sz 7.5-8. Thanks! :)
The blue one was a necklace - http://www.alchemygothic.com/catalogue/products/P226.jpg
Also discontinued.. if we find one of them we will have to have a bidding war lol.
I will look out for the ring for you your size equivilent is UK Q. I am after 5-6 UK equivilent L-N